Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thikr of Allah

“Whenever people sit to engage in the thikr of Allah, the Malaaikah settle over them and the Rahmat of Allah enshrouds them. Peace settles over them and Allah mentions them to those (Angels) by Him”

(Hadith-Muslim Shareef)

The simplest form of ibaadat is the Thikr of Allah Ta’ala. Thikr does not require any particular time or venue. At all times and in all conditions and circumstances, thikr is valid. When the servant engages in thikr the Angels of Mercy accompany him and Allah’s special mercies descent on him. On the contrary when he becomes forgetful of the thikr of Allah, shaitaan become his constant companion as long as his forgetfulness endures. As soon as he remembers and engages in thikr, shaitaan flees.

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