Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mu’min's pleasure

Hadhrat Imaraan Bin Hassen (rahmatullah alahyh) suffered from the illness of Istisqaa for thirty years. (Istisqaa is a disease which produces excessive thirst and the stomach bloats extraordinary.) For thirty years he was bed-stricken and could sleep only on his back. Once his brother who had come to visit him cried on seeing the pitiful state of Hadhrat Imraan. Hadhrat Imraan asked: “Why do you cry?” His brother said: “The great hardships which I see you suffering have reduced me to tears.” Hadhrat Imraan Bin Hassen said:

“Do not cry. I prefer whatever Allah Ta’ala loves. I shall inform you of something. Perhaps Allah Ta’ala will benefit you therby. However. Never reveal it to anyone as long as I am alive. Angels come to visit me. I hear them saying Salaam to me. I therefore have realized that an illness in which there is this great blessing is not a punishment”

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