Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Points to Ponder

Enes Ibn Malik reports that a Bedouin came to the Messenger of Allah and greeted him in the Mosque. The messenger of Allah asked him where he came from. The Bedouin said "I came from far seeking answers to some questions".

Our master told him to ask his questions";

Ø I wish to be an intelligent man, what shall I do?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Fear Allah"

Ø I wish to be a loyal servant to Allah and do what he wants me to do?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Read The Quran"

Ø I wish to be enlightened and have peace of heart?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Remember Death"

Ø I wish to be protected against enemies?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Trust In Allah"

Ø I wish to follow the Straight Path?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Do good to others for Allah's Sake"

Ø What should I do so that Allah does not abase me?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Do not respond to the desires of your flesh"

Ø I wish to have a long life?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Praise and Thank Allah"

Ø I wish for prosperity?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Be in a State of Ablution at all times"

Ø How can I save myself from the hellfire?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Protect your eyes and your tongue and your hands and what is below your waistline against evil"

Ø How can I cleanse myself from my sins?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Shed Tears for what you have done and repent by undoing what you have done wrong"

Ø I wish to be a respectable person?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Then, don't ask for anything from anybody"

Ø I wish to be honorable?
¤ Holy prophet Replied, "Then don't divulge the wrong doings of any body"

Ø What should I do to protect myself from the tortures of the grave?
¤ Holy prophet Replied, "Recite the Surah Mulk"

Ø What should one do to be rich?
¤ Holy prophet Replied, "Read the Surah Muzammil"

Ø How should I calm my fear of the day of last judgment?
¤ Holy Prophet replied,"Remember Allah before you eat anything before and before you sleep"

Ø What should I do to feel the presence of Allah when I make my prayers?
¤ Holy Prophet (PBUH) Replied, "Give the utmost care in taking your ablutions and in being clean and pure"

Please take few minutes to read this hadees carefully

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