Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do good in what remains, then...

Al-Fudhayl ibn Iyyâdh said to a man, “How many (years) have come upon you?”He replied, “Sixty years.” He said, “Therefore, for sixty years you have been going to your Lord and you are about to reach (Him).”So the man said, “To Allâh we belong and to Him we are returning!” So al-Fudhayl asked, “Do you know the meaning of that (statement)? You are saying, ‘I belong to Allâh as a servant and I am going to return to Him.’ So whoever knows that he belongs to Allâh as a servant and that he will return to him, then he should know that he will be stopped. And whoever knows that he will be stopped, then he should know that he will be questioned. And whoever knows that he will be questioned, then let him prepare an answer for the question.” The man asked, “So what should I do?” He said, “It is easy.” The man again asked, “What is it?” al-Fudhayl said, Do good in what remains, then what has passed shall be forgiven. Yet, if you do evil in what remains, then you will be taken to account for what has passed as well as for what remains.”

Monday, February 11, 2008

Five types of fear

Uzmaan Ibn Affan said:

The believer has five types of fear.

The first is that Allah may take his faith away from him

The second is that the recording angels may write down something that may expose him on the Day of Resurrection

The third is that the shaytan may cause his deeds to become invalid

The fourth is that the Angel of Death may come to him without warning

The fifth is that this world may tempt him and distract him from the Hereafter.

Take care of.....

From the Wise Sayings of Luqman (AW)

“If you’re in prayer, take care of your heart;

If you’re eating, take care of your throat;

If you’re in another man’s house, take care of your eyes;

If you are among people, take care of your tongue.

Remember two matters and forget two matters:

Remember Allah (SWT) and death;

Forget any good that you have done to another and any evil that was done to you by another.”