Monday, November 30, 2009

Sabrun Jamil - Beautiful Patience

Mujâhid said: “Beautiful patience is patience without any panic.” ‘Amr ibn Qays said: “Beautiful patience means to be content with adversity and to surrender to the will of Allâh.”

Yûnus ibn Yazîd said: I asked Rabî‘ah ibn Abu ‘Abdur-Rahmân: “What is the ultimate of patience?” He said: “To be outwardly the same at the time of affliction as one was the day before it struck.” (This does not mean that a person does not or should not feel pain or anguish; patience in this instance means that one refrains from panicking and complaining.)

"Whoever tries to be patient, Allah will make him patient. And nobody can be given a better and greater gift than patience."

(Bukhari: Volume 2, Book 24, No. 548)

Omar ibn Al Khattab said: "Whatever hardship befalls a believing servant, Allah will make an opening for him after it, and one hardship will be overcome by two eases." (Malik Muwatta Book 21, No. 21.1.6)

Commenting on the meaning of Sabrun Jamîl, i.e, beautiful patience, in the verse : "So be patient with a good (i.e, beautiful) patience." (Quran Ma'aarij 70:5) Qays ibn al-Hajjâj said: “The person who is suffering from some affliction should behave in such a way that nobody is able to distinguish him from others (Ibn Qayyim)


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