Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Mosque of Satan

Iblis (satan) said: O my Lord, You sent Adam (as) down (to earth) and You knew that there will be a Book and Messengers. So what is the Book and who are the Messengers?

Allah said: The Messengers are the Angels and the Prophets from amongst them and the Books are; the Torah, Gospel, Psalms and the criterion (ie the Quran).

Iblis said: Then what is my book? Allah said: Your book is the tattoo, your recitation is poetry, your messengers are the fortune tellers, your food is that on which Allah's name is not invoked and you drink is every intoxicant. Your truth is a lie, your dwelling is the bathroom, your snare is women, your call to prayer is the flute and your mosque (place of worship) is the market. (Tabarani)

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