Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm Pious so I'm Safe From Shaytaan, Right?

Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal (rh) was a rock of Imaan (faith) and courage. He endured so much hardship, and he sacrificed so much for the sake of Islam that it is said that not even an elephant could not have endured his burdens. Once, whilst Imaam Ahmad (rh) was laying unconscious at his death bed, the people around him were saying: 'Laa ilaaha il lal laah (There is absolutely nothing worthy of worship at all in the heavens above nor the earth below, except Allah).' However, Imaam Ahmad (rh) repeatedly said: "No... Not yet! Not yet!" This concerned the people around him, so when Imaam Ahmad (rh) regained consciousness, his son asked him about his statement. Imaam Ahmad (rh) said: "Shaytaan (the devil) came to me and said: 'O Ahmad, you have escaped me with your faith intact!' So I replied: 'No.... Not yet! Not yet! I am not safe from you until my soul passes from this world!'

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