Monday, November 15, 2010

The ingredients of happiness

1. A thankful heart and a tongue that is moist with the remembrance of Allah. An Arab poet said "Thankfulness, remembrance, and patience, In them are blessings and rewards"

2. Another ingredient of happiness is the keeping of secrets, especially one's own secrets. Among the Arabs there is a famous story of a Bedouin who was entrusted with a secret for a free of twenty dinars. At first he remained true to the deal and then suddenly, in a fit of impatience, he went and returned the money - he wanted to unburden himself from the load of the secret. This is basically because secrecy requires steadfastness, patience, and will power. "Oh my son! Relate not your vision to your brothers" (12:5)

A weakness of man - which is just one of his many weak traits - is that he constantly feels the urge to reveal the details of his personal affairs to others. This sickness is an old one in the annals of history. The soul loves to spread secrets and disseminate stories. The connection between this topic and that of this book is that whoever spread his secrets will inevitably feel regret, sadness, and misery. "And let him be careful and let no man know of you" (18:19)

["Dont be sad", Dr, Aid Al-Qarni]

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