Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ya Ummi..

I would like to share the lyrics of Ahmed Bukhathirs Ya Ummi Nasheed as it made me to do so. It was very nice. (The same nasheed you can hear it in background).

I will return oh mother
And kiss your chaste head
And supress (blame?) my desires
And taste the scent of your blessings
Besmirch in the richness of your feet
my cheek when I meet you
Water the soil with my tears
Happy that you are alive
How many nights did you stay up late
So that I could sleep to my content?
And how many times did you thirst
So you could quench my thirst with your tenderness?
And one day I was Ill, I do not forget
The tears from you that were like the rain
And your eyes which stayed awake
fearing that I may be in danger
And the day we parted at dawn
and Oh what a harsh dawn that was
Words cannot explain what
I felt when I abandoned you
And you told me things which I still
remember throughout my life
"You will never find a heart
more tender towards you than mine"
"You will never find a heart
more tender towards you than mine"
obedience to you, oh want of my life..
[is what] the God of existence has instructed me to do.
Your content is the secret of my success
And my love of you is the secret of my belief
And the sincerity of your prayer [for me]..
has resolved my misfortunes and my sadness
My love towards you..
no human being loves anything like it
You are the beating of my heart
And you are what lights my vision
And you are the tune on my lips
My problems cease when I see your face
To you I do return oh mother
Tomorrow I rest from my journey
And a second age will begin for me
and the branches will blossom with flowers

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