Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Like the Butterfly

thought to share an email received today..

We have been given the precious gift of Life. And that life is short.We have only one chance. And this is it. If you have not thought about it, now is the time to do so. What is the purpose of life? Have you given thought to that before?

The life of this world is very alluring. And many people are attached to it. Very dear to them are the things that this worldly life has to offer. The religion of man should teach him how to avoid its traps. For traps they are.

The life of this world is evil. Nothing in it is good. It is an illusion. Attractive but deadly. It has many people ensnared. These words are going to sound pretty unpleasant to some. But this is reality. This is the Truth.

Just think. Everything in this worldly life perishes. Nothing lasts. There are the agents of destruction at work at all times. We need to constantly keep clean. There are germs, bacteria. Dust.

In the world of man, there is a lot of filth and dirt. To survive, mankind has to maintain cleanliness.
The law of the universe has been set up in such a way that if man does not keep clean, he will fall sick and die.

Of all creatures on this planet, it is man who has to strive the most to keep clean. In other words, the purpose of man's life is to constantly strive to be clean.

Failure to keep clean is a calamity for man. Have you ever wondered why there are all these germs and bacteria? Why all these hazards?

The answer is pretty simple. God made this world like that. Because He wants us to be clean. Not only that........ He wants us to constantly strive and struggle to keep clean.

And for man, it is not just physical cleanliness that is important. It is cleanliness on the inside as well. Cleanliness, meaning purity of heart.

And this purity of heart can only be achieved if man chooses the path of Truth. The religion of Truth.
For Truth alone is Pure. So what is the purpose of life?

To strive. To struggle. To keep clean. On the outside as well as on the inside.

It requires effort to keep our house clean, neat and tidy. To keep our gardens free of weeds. It requires work. And constant work. A constant struggle. Just like the butterfly. It struggles to get out of the coccoon.

But its struggling and striving has transformed it into a beautiful creature.

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Masha Allah... beautiful