Sunday, April 8, 2007

Sudden Mawuth Of My Beloved Ummi (mother)


Assalamu Aliekum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu!

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam,

Last Tuesday (03 April 2007) around 1.30AM my Ummi breathed her last when my brother was holding her in his both hands (Inaa Lillahi Wainna Ilahi Rajihoon). She was very well at the time of her death! but its very difficult for me & for my sisters & brothers to bare this sudden, tragic dismissal of my beloved Ummi. Anyhow that is the decision of Almighty!

Please make dua for her & please recite Surah Yaseen for her!

I had to give my last hug for my beloved Ummi with my brother & sisters. I felt something missing from my body and heart.

May Almighty bless her the highest level in the Jannah! Ameen.

She was with us last night, within few hours she left ALL of us keeping ALL of us in the custody of Almighty.


Brother in Islam,



DAMIE said...

inna lillahi va inna ileyhi radjiun...
i cant imagine how it should be hard..
My Allah have mercy on your ummi,place her in Firdavsi.Amin.

Ammar said...

Walaikum Salaam!

Ameen for your DUAs.


rafia said...

I am sorry about your Ummi. I lost my mother in September of 07 and after two years in comma. I know how you feel. Please take care and I will be praying for your Ummi too now.
Sister Rafia

Ammar said...

thank you very much for your consolations sister! May Almighty grant every Muslims who have started there life in the Barzagh Jennathul Firdouse! Ameen!

Humaira said...

May allah accept all her good deeds and bless her with all the happiness in jannah.. ameen.

Ammar said...

Ameen for Duas Humaira and same duas applies for your loving Mother also. Ameen.