Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dawn prayer prevents heart diseases: study

RECENT scientific research has shown performing Fajr (dawn) prayer regularly in time daily is the best preventive and remedial measure for heart diseases, congestion of blood vessels, arteriosclerosis and cardiac infarction which causes brain stroke.

A research conducted by the Jordanian Heart Doctors Society said the studies established that the cardiac infarction disease, which is one of the most dangerous diseases and congestion of blood vessels, was mainly caused by long hours of sleep in the day or night.

The study showed if a person slept for long, his heart beat rate drops to 50 per minute and the blood flows very slowly leading to accumulation of salts and fats on walls of blood vessels in particular in wall of the coronary artery consequently causing a blockage.

The congestion of blood vessels weaken the heart muscle which pumps blood to and from the brain leading to heart an attack and or deadly brain stroke in most cases.
The study stressed the need to refrain from long periods of sleep and get a sleep not exceeding more than four hours after which it is important to get up and do an activity for 15 minutes at the least.

The performance of dawn prayer every day in the first hours of the day and in congregation in the mosque provides that preventive and remedial measure against heart diseases.

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Surah At-Talaq :3

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